Our Services

We offers an impressive range of Soft Skills training , Workshops and Recruitment services. Our experienced multilingual consultants provide these services to a large number of organizations, both to private Companies and Public Sector. We specialize in helping our Clients develop their people to make a difference ,by the range of open Workshops and programmes available to all.

Our philosophy is to provide clients with professional, efficient service, tailored to their individual needs and goals.  Every employee is a huge investment for our client, and only the most qualified professional can maximize the value of that investment.  By upholding our clients’ interests and caring about the outcome, we will continue to serve the same organizations for years to come.

In-House Training

If required, most of our programmes can also be delivered "in-house" which is the perfect solution if you have a group of people with the same training requirements. In these circumstances, it can be the most cost-effective option since the course is then delivered at a location of your choice minimizing travelling and accommodation expenses for those attending. All our programmes can be tailored to reflect the needs and nature of your business. 

Our In-House services include an orientation visit to determine your culture, expectations and needs, training needs analysis, course design and delivery using world-class trainers, framed certificates for each delegate and a post course help line. 

Our team

Our consultants have an average of more than 20 years of diverse, practical experience across the full array of industries. They also possess theoretical expertise, as evidenced by the advanced degrees that they hold in the academic disciplines that matter most in the fields of organizational and leadership development. The expert facilitators that lead our programs in customer service are focused and committed to working with you on every step of the way. Monniques consultants partner with you from project conception to execution to resolution.