Team Building Activities

Balloon Tower

This activity is a fantastic way to energise your team at any stage of your day.Small teams are asked to build the tallest, most cost-effective, free-standing tower using just balloons and some sticky tape within a set time. Having employees build something together can help them form a bond while they learn about the way each individual team member thinks and reacts to a challenge.

After splitting employees into two groups, they will need to create the tallest balloon tower within 30 minutes. The tower is not allowed to be secured to any structure such as the floor or the walls, but must be free-standing, which requires teams to build a solid foundation. This will test how well the employees performed as a team and will give them insight into how they can improve team performance in the future. 



An acclaimed songwriter leads groups of up to 100 to create and perform an original song.This engaging and vibrant process draws on the hidden creative potential within us all, and provides a profound and lasting shared experience for all involved.Participants work together to create a song that expresses whatever thoughts and feelings the group may collectively wish to explore. Ideas, thoughts, words and phrases flow and merge and are carefully sculpted into verses, with participants sparking off each other to hone and refine each line and verse to perfection.

When the group then brings their individual voices together to create One Voice, singing an original song they have all just co-written, the result is exhilarating for all concerned.

It is a sublime and thought-provoking process and one that is ideal for conference ice breakers and energisers. The resulting song never fails to amaze those involved in its creation, leaving them with a real sense of accomplishment and shared ownership. This can then be recorded, performed, filmed etc. And of course, the song lasts forever!

Chocolate Challenge

Each team is given the challenge of making a chocolate product for a specific market. Race against the clock as teams learn how to make handmade chocolates, identify a market niche, design the packaging and work together to create the final product.

 Presentation skills are put to the test as teams showcase the product, packaging and sales pitch to our judging panel. Chocolatey prizes is  awarded to the winning team. Marks are given for innovation, cooperation and general genius.Rest assured this challenge does include bowls of melted organic chocolate, handmade chocolate centres, delicious toppings and decorations.The event lasts 2.5hrs

Create & Paint

Paint brushes at the ready! The challenge is to set individuals the task of developing and combining their artistic and creative skills throughout their teams to produce a stunningly visual piece of quality art work. The catch is that each team is only making a small section of the overall jigsaw style painting, receiving two large canvases per team onto which they must scale up from an exact copy their given part of the image. 


This is where the communication and team work starts. Intriguingly, teams are not shown the complete finished picture so they must network with all the other teams in order to match up their individual segments.

 With a limited time frame to produce the canvases it is imperative that teams work together towards the dead line and the eagerly anticipated un-veiling of their master piece – in a parallel that is often similar to the workplace, it is only when the pieces of art from all the teams come together that the overall success of the bigger picture becomes apparent.

 Create and Paint is an ideal choice if you are looking at focusing your team on striving towards one common goal, promoting network skills and developing communication and overall group objectives. The overall picture created can also be used as a tool to convey or enforce a company message, corporate logo or business goal.

Our corporate Create and Paint indoor team building events are ideal for any amount of participants.


On the Ropes

Ropes courses, which use a series of platforms and ropes, have become a popular method for teaching employees how to work together and they are offered in several locations across the country. Helping one another maneuver over the ropes until every individual has completed the course forces employees to work together, communicate effectively, cooperate and rely on one another to reach a common goal

Design a T-Shirt

The challenge is for teams to come up with an imaginative and clever design that will promote themselves, their team and the company. Our Design a T-Shirt workshop is a great opportunity for the creative skills of each team to come to the fore, as they create their unique t-shirt designs. This is a perfect start to a team day and T-shirts can be worn with pride for the rest of the event


Beat the clock and complete the puzzle – focus on team work, communication,dexterity, memory skills and task management. Teams are challenged to remember, remember and gain points in the process to develop clear thinking and dealing with pressure

‘Beat The Clock’ is a fun, competitive and extremely high energy event, and incorporates over 150 different mini challenges where teams are competing against the clock in order to get the most points. With ‘Beat the Clock’ there is a role for everyone in  your team - creative, technical, mental, sensory, problem solving, general knowledge and physical tasks. Meanwhile, at the front of the room the big screen showing the digital clock keeps ticking down and the totals on the live scoreboard keep going up.


The Cooking Game is a unique team building exercise designed to meet the specific needs of groups that want to develop communication, co-operation and co-ordination in their teams. The event lets the participants have a lot of fun outside their traditional corporate roles, and provides an effective platform for the team’s specific goals to be communicated in a practical, down to earth way.

We Put your team’s creativity, team work and cooking skills to the test with the ultimate cooking challenge! In our professional kitchens, each team taking part in the cooking challenge is assigned a professional chef and a basket of carefully selected seasonal ingredients. They will have 2 hours to design, prepare and cook a selection of tasting dishes with the chef’s expert guidance, and will need to work together to produce the winning menu! The chef’s cooking challenge is an experience sure to engage, include and excite the entire team, offering unforgettable team building.

Company Fun Day

A Company Fun Day will delight your employees, their friends and families with a ‘free for all’, with entertainment ranging from fairground rides to kids entertainment; motor sports to ball sports; arena displays to ‘have a go’ stalls. The list is endless – and all in the name of a great day out.

A Company Fun Day will see your team members and their guests welcomed to their very own fun event. A mix of scheduled and "have a go" activities will ensure there is something for everyone. We can theme your family fun day, or you can simply choose the activities and entertainment you would like to offer.

 The Company Fun Day includes our compere who acts as your host, and a BBQ will create a relaxed and informal atmosphere. With competitions and prizes throughout the day, your guests will have great, shared memories to take home.

Birthday Line Up

 Birthday Line Up will not only help your organization’s leaders to work on their communication skills but will also help you to find out when their birthdays are. In this nonverbal activity, the participants must line up according to birthdays, from January to December. The earliest birthdays in the year head up the line while the Christmas and New Year’s Eve babies bring up the rear. The players must form the line without speaking, lip-reading, writing with their fingers or singing. Once the line is complete, each person shouts out his birthday and you get to see how accurate the line is 

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is an effective way for teams to learn about one another. Have each person think of two true facts about himself and also one lie. When it is his turn, he states the three facts, and the other team members try to discern which one is the lie. Besides giving the team the opportunity to learn about one another, this activity enhances communication and public-speaking skills.